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S & N Veterinary and Medical Supplies, LLC (formerly Black Dog Veterinary Co.)
Low Cost Supplies for Low Cost Clinics

S & N Veterinary and Medical Supplies, LLC
11675 Frankstown Rd
Penn Hills, PA 15235
Not-for-profit clinics are often asked to make financial sacrifices to keep spaying and neutering affordable for the public good. However, no one looks out for us by offering lower cost supplies and distributors rarely reward you for the high volume of goods that you purchase. We understand that if we can help you save on your supplies you will be better equipped to offer lower cost spay/neuter services. We also understand that you deserve the best possible deal when you buy in volume, even if you only buy a limited selection of goods. We stock only the goods you need and only if we can offer them to you at a significant discount versus other suppliers. Black Dog Veterinary now S & N Veterinary and Surgical Supplies, LLC was started by a Veterinarian who has performed over 50,000 routine spay/neuter surgeries at several spay/neuter exclusive and not-for-profit clinics. He used "generic" suture from several companies with mixed results for years. After the suture he had used for almost 2 years suddenly switched manufacturers and the quality suffered he decided to seek out a manufacturer that could provide the best possible quality and safety at a reasonable cost. After spending two years, thousands of dollars and evaluating dozens of suture manufacturers he found a manufacturer that he was comfortable with and decided to start offering the suture for sale. Our goal is to provide quality surgical supplies at the lowest possible cost. We achieve this goal through careful product selection and extremely low overhead costs. All of the suture lines sold here are used daily in the spay/neuter clinic operated by the Veterinarian owner. We carefully watch for any signs of problems caused by any of our products and we ask our customers to quickly advise us if you even suspect a problem:help@snsurgical.com We cannot provide you with a dedicated sales representative, extra free gifts or other perks but we will provide you with quality products, the lowest possible price and the volume discounts that high volume clinics deserve but rarely receive. Our online store is designed to provide you with a safe and secure environment to browse our product catalog. We encourage you to use our site whenever possible because it helps us keep overhead costs down. Of course you can always contact us at help@snsurgical.com or 309-592-4402 or fax us at 412-244-1207 if you have any questions. .